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Criton 1TD-X

Critically Acclaimed. Loved by Customers.

The 1TD-X is our best selling speaker for a reason. Get great sound at a great price and love your music again. If you're tired of the typical, bright audiophile speaker, try out the 1TD-X and love your music again. Our customers consistently report listening to the music they love instead of trying to find tracks that make their speakers sound good. Get yours today and find out why reviewers and customers alike love our sound.

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DIY or Fully Finished

No matter which way you go, you'll get the same expert engineering and high quality parts, resulting in great value and knowledge of what goes into a speaker of this caliber.  Buy finished or if you are up for a bit of work, take on a weekend project and build it yourself. Building it yourself gives you the added bonus of adding your own creative touches to make something truly one of a kind. 

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Easiest Kit To Assemble

We've designed our kits to be the easiest to assemble on the market.  Our CNCed flat pack cabinets use interlocking rabbet joints that go together only one way. We specifically developed our SmartNode crossover boards so you don't need to know how to read an electrical schematic to assemble our crossovers.  Should you choose to take on the challenge, you'll not only be rewarded with great sound but a sense of accomplishment and connection to your speakers you won't get anywhere else.

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No Subwoofer Required

The 1TD-X might be a relatively small size but backs larger than life bass output, depth and presence thanks to our world-class LDW7 woofer with high excursion and low distortion. Bass is the foundation for music and you can build a house with this speaker. Subwoofers are definitely optional. 

Listen all Day Sound

If you're tired of speakers that get edgy with non-perfect tracks or cause ear fatigue after a short listening session, try something better.  Most modern speakers are voiced bright to "enhance detail" which leads to a short-term wow factor but makes it harder to enjoy longer listening sessions or sometimes even our favorite music.  CSS speakers are voiced to showcase the music and not the gear. We want you to love your music again!

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Critical Acclaim

Still not convinced? Check out what industry reviewers are saying about the 1TD-X

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