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The Easiest To assemble Kits on the Planet

Two things we've discovered over the years are that 1) reading a crossover schematic and laying out components is not easy for a first time builder, and 2) building a solid, square cabinet, even with the proper tools is difficult. We thought about these two issues while designing our new kits and came up with two solutions to make putting together a CSS kit as easy as possible for the first time builder.

Smartnode crossover boards

Crossover schematics look like a foreign language to those not familiar with them. Trying to decipher what gets connected to what can take hours when all you really want to do is start pumping great sound from your speakers. On top of that, careful consideration needs to be paid to how components are laid out to prevent cross-talk and interference. 

Our SmartNode crossover boards take out all the guess work of building your own crossover. The top side of our 3D printed boards has already been optimized for the best acoustic and electrical performance and comes with labeled and indented spaces for each crossover component. Simply place the component in its designated spot and secure tight enough to keep them from vibrating.

On the bottom, each through-hole is labeled with a letter. Connect the leads from matching letters together and solder. Easy-peasy. No more hassle, no more worrying, guaranteed results every time.

Easy to assemble flat packs

Even with the proper tools, building a solid and square cabinet that is easy to finish can be difficult. If you live in an apartment, forget about even having the proper tools. This is often a huge barrier to entry to the budding DIY audiophile.

We developed our flat pack cabinets specifically to make assembly as easy as possible. Other flat packs on the market often use butt-joint assembly to save money on CNC machine time, but those can be difficult to line up and keep things square.


We decided to go solely with rabbited edges on all of our panels instead.  Rabbited edges create an interlocking joint on all corners which not only makes aligning all panels a breeze, it actually leads to a more solid cabinet and less chances of air leaks at the seams. Our cabinets are made of high quality for easily finishing in your preferred finish.

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