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What are your Speakers made of?

Ever wonder what’s actually inside your speakers?  The vast majority of loudspeaker companies on the market won’t tell you, and they certainly won’t show you what their speakers are made of.  There’s a reason for this.  Big name, high dollar companies cut costs in areas that you can’t see and spend most of their budget on cabinets and marketing. Since most consumers don’t want to damage a multi-thousand dollar pair of speakers, they never get opened up to see how cheap some of the parts inside can be.  Cheap drivers, high gauge inductors, electrolytic capacitors, little to no bracing, and sometimes even particle board construction have all been found in speakers costing thousands of dollars a pair.

At CSS, we don’t hide anything.  We publish all the information about our designs – driver specifications, cabinet plans, crossovers design and parts, measurements of everything – so that you as the consumer know what you are getting when you buy from us. And that is always high performing, quality parts that you will only see in speakers costing thousands of dollars more than ours.

Most audio companies have high mark-ups because of the way they sell.  In a traditional speaker company, the cost of the actual speaker components only makes up a small percentage of the total cost to the customer.  Because we sell direct, we are able to keep most of the cost you pay going toward the actual speaker you are buying and not retail show rooms, advertising agencies, and commissions.


To make things even easier, we offer multiple buying options to help you get great audio at amazing prices.  We sell stunning, hand-built cabinets if you want a finished solution.  Or you can build one of our flat-packs and apply your own custom finish to save on cost, yet still get the same great sound.  Want to save even more?  We'll show you how to build the cabinet yourself for the least expensive option and sell you just the parts.


So if you’re ready to get the best deal in audio, find your speaker and have the confidence of knowing what your speakers are really made of.

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