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New Criton 1TD Customer Demo Program

Update: As of March 2019, we are no longer doing the demo program. We have replaced it with a 30 day in home trial. Because we are so confident that you'll be blown away once you hear our products, we extend this even on assembled kits.

We at CSS know that it’s hard to justify spending money on speakers you’ve never heard before. That’s why we’ve decided to implement an in-home audition tour of our Criton 1TD v2.0 kit.

What You Are Getting:

What we’re offering is a free, 15 day in home trial of our finished Criton kit to give you a chance to listen to our product before you commit to buying. This is a rotating tour, so you’ll have 15 days to listen and then the Criton 1TD will be shipped on to the next person. In addition, to show our appreciation for your early support, we’ll be sending you a $25 off coupon to use should you decide to purchase a kit or any of our other CSS branded components.

How It Works:

Email us lettings us know you are interested in joining the list of participants. We'll add you to the list of participants. When it gets close to your time for evaluation, we'll send you an invoice that will cover the shipping charges from the previous listener's location to yours. Once you receive the speakers, you'll have 2-3 weeks to demo them. When it get's close to the end of your session, we'll send you a shipping label to the next customer.

What’s Included:

The kit will ship in a standard Parts Express pre-finished cabinet with our Superior level crossover parts. It was built in our garage using nothing but a router with a standard circle jig attachment, wire cutters, and a soldering iron to show you the level of audio performance and good looks and you can achieve with basic tools.

What You Need To Do:

Again, send us an email to get on the list. Once you receive the speakers, please try to have it ready to ship to the next person within 15 days of the day you receive it. If you are scheduled to receive the speakers at a date which doesn’t allow you to properly audition, please let us know ASAP so that we can reschedule you. And ultimately, after you’ve auditioned the speaker, please leave feedback (positive or negative) in an online forum (Home Theater Shack, AVS, Audio Circle, Audio Karma, etc.).

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