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New Things Coming in the New Year!

Big things are on the horizon in the new year for us at CSS. Within the next few weeks, we'll have a bare MDF flat pack available for our P215 and then within a few weeks after that, the Criton 1TD and various subwoofer cabinets. These flat packs will be much easier to assemble than other flat packs on the market. Not only will they had the driver and port cutouts already included, they'll also have rabbeted edges to make the cabinet super easy to glue up straight, even with just tape. The cabinet basically self aligns to make it the easiest to assemble flat pack available.

The Criton 2TD revision is almost complete. The crossover is being voiced now and should be ready by the end of January. Flat packs will be released soon after for that as well. The Criton 2TD should be a big winner for people looking for a high quality HT setup. It can be built as either an MTM or TMM format and works well as a center laid on its side. With a pair of the LDW7 woofers per side, the distortion is super low. Mate it up with one of our SDX subwoofers (which will be in stock in the next few weeks) and you'll have the ultimate HT system.

In addition to the new flat packs, we will soon be releasing high quality completely finished cabinets for those of you looking for an off the shelf, high end speaker at a great price. We've been in development of the prototype for the P215 but will be releasing options for the Criton 1TD as well.

We've got even more ideas in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more!

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