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Easy Veneering Techniques

One of the biggest concerns our first time customers have is how to finish our flat pack after assembling them. In our opinion, veneer is the easiest way to get a high quality finish with the least amount of effort. It seems intimidating at first but is much easier than most people realize. In this video we cover two ways that you can easily apply veneer to a cabinet with minimal equipment. It's so easy, and with almost to mess, you can even do it on your dining room table.

The first method we will cover is the cold press method, which is similar to how a professional furniture maker would veneer something. In the furniture world, you would normally use a vacuum bag, but you can do it at home with a scrap piece of wood a little bigger than the panel you are applying veneer to. All you need is some glue (we recommend X-Press from, some veneer, and wax paper or plastic wrap.

The second method we cover is the iron-on method. For this method, we recommend using Heat Lock from and paper backed veneer. Don't use raw veneer here, as it will crack and warp. You'll also need an iron to apply the heat and bond the veneer. This method is probably the easiest for a first time builder to complete and trimming paper backed veneer with something like a razor blade is also much easier than doing it on raw veneer.

We'll post a future video on how to apply finish to the veneer.


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