The Back Order Situation

We tried to make it through without having to place product out of stock and have done very well for the last year and a half. We've finally succumbed to the high demand we've seen this year coupled with supply chain issues and had to place all our Criton kits on back order.

First of all, we want to say thank you to all our customers for the year we've had so far. Part of this back order is due to the growth we've seen in business and we truly appreciate that. Last year, we ordered double the amount of inventory we had from the year prior, which arrived in April and March. We've gone through all of that inventory in roughly 7 months, about 4 months faster than we originally expected.

In July, we started production of another round of woofers for our Criton kits and again doubled the amount. Unfortunately supply chain issues put these on a slower pace than normal to get to us. Those woofers are currently on a boat due to arrive next week at the port of Los Angeles, which is currently the most backed up port in the U.S. Under normal conditions from a few years ago, we would be about 3 weeks out from port arrival to arrival at our facility. Given the current situation, we can't give a good estimate on when we think these will be ready to ship. We've heard stories as bad as 2-3 months of time from arrival at the port to having things in hand.

With that said, we want everyone to know that ordering now will secure the once a year Black Friday discount and your order will ship as soon as we have drivers in hand. We'll keep you updated for any major milestones to give you a better idea of the timeline as we get updates ourselves.

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