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CSS LD25X - XBL^2 25 mm Silk Dome Tweeter

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The return of a legend!

The legendary LD25X has returned! Finding the patented XBL^2 in a tweeter is rare due to the challenging quality control that is required to ensure the tweeter functions as designed but offers unique benefits over other designs. The extremely flat and broad BL curve provides a larger and stronger magnetic field for the voicecoil to operate within. This leads to low levels of inter-modulation distortion by ensuring the voicecoil is always operating in the linear range even at higher powers and lower frequencies. We didn't stop there with this new iteration though. On top of the XBL^2 motor we added an additional copper cap to further reduce distortion and increase top end frequency extension. All told, you get incredibly detailed and dynamic sound reproduction in a small and elegant package.

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