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CSS SDX10 - 10" XBL^2 Subwoofer

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The SDX10 is possibly the cleanest 10” subwoofer on the planet. Ultra-low distortion from the patented XBL^2 motor let you hear every subtle nuance of your favorite movie or song. You can look forward to deep bass in a small box with a generous 36 mm peak-to-peak Xmax. Select sealed for the smallest footprint or go with a dual passive configuration for the ultimate in deep bass low distortion output from a 10” sub. The SDX10 also good sensitivity for 10” subwoofer and an extended frequency response, which means it can be used as a woofer in a 3-way.


  • Paper/carbon fiber blended cone, pressed and surface treated provides inherent internal damping
  • Semi-progressive spider design gives increased linearity
  • Natural butyl rubber surround
  • Shorting rings inside the motor reduce distortion and extend frequency response
  • Cast frame
  • High power, low inductance design XBL^2 motor
  • 60.6mm diameter, 6 layer, voice coil
  • BL curve is very flat; at 12.7mm one way (1 inch peak to peak excursion) there is less than 2.5% THD from the BL curve
  • 750W RMS, 1500W Peak


T/S Parameters

Fs: 30.0 Hz

Qes: 0.63

Qms: 3.69

Qts: 0.54

Vas: 34 Liters

Re: 3.5 Ohms

Xmax: 18.4 mm

Sd: 330 cm^2

Le: 1.42 mH

BL: 11.8 NA

Mms: 112 g

SPL: 87.2 dB @ 2.83V/1M

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