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CSS SDX12 - 12" XBL^2 Subwoofer

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The SDX12 is possibly the cleanest 12” subwoofer on the planet. Ultra-low distortion bass from the massive 44 lbs, patented XBL^2 motor lets you hear every subtle nuance of your favorite movie or song. Deep bass at high output is not a problem with 56 mm of peak-to-peak Xmax. Select sealed for the smallest footprint or go with a dual passive configuration for the ultimate in deep bass and low distortion output from a 12” sub. The SDX12 subwoofer is ideal for both home and car audio environments with its dual 2 Ohm voice coil configuration.


  • Dual 2 Ohm voice coil to create a 4 Ohm load for home use or a 1 Ohm load for car audio use.
  • Dotted non-pressed paper cone with NBR surround
  • High power, low inductance design, 2 layer 3" (76mm) copper voice coil and 2 aluminium and 1 copper shorting rings inside the magnet
  • Forged and machined T-yoke and top plate with larger radiused pole vent for low aerodynamic noise
  • High excursion spider with integrated lead wire
  • Attractive cast aluminum basket design with cast aluminum trim ring
  • 1000W RMS, 2000W peak

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  • Fs 21.3 hz
  • Senstitivity 87.2 @ 2.83V/1M
  • Mms 275.9 g
  • BL 18.4 N/A
  • Cms 0.276 mm/N
  • Vas 67.5 L
  • Qms 3.962
  • Qes 0.414
  • Qts 0.374
  • Nom Imp 4 ohm
  • Re 3.7 ohm
  • Le 1.38 mH
  • Xmax 28 MM
  • Sd 491 cm^2


  • Outside Diameter 312 mm
  • Cutout Diameter 277 mm
  • Depth 225 mm

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Audioholics Review with CEA-2010 measurements in sealed flat pack

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