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Creative Sound Solutions is operated out of the Southeast Michigan area by two friends with a passion for great audio. Ownership of CSS was transferred from Bob Reimer, the original founder, to us in June 2017 and since then we've been working on bringing back some of the great drivers CSS is known for, as well as introducing some cool new kits and products to make it easier to get a world class speaker at a great price. We are also now 50% veteran owned and operated.

Let’s face it, high end audio is full of mysticism. There are all kinds of beliefs and opinions into what matters and what doesn’t, and many of them aren’t backed by facts or science at all (room purifying crystals anyone?). At CSS, we strive to de-mystify things for you. We use proven theories and methodologies combined with countless hours of our own driver testing and acoustic evaluations to give you a truly high-end experience at an affordable price.


Our products are definitely not the cheapest on the market. We don’t strive to be. We strive to provide you with the best speakers your money can buy. Everything we put into our speakers is something that we’ve tested and evaluated to provide you with a true performance benefit. We don’t believe speakers need a “secret sauce” to sound great, so we won’t ever try to sell you pseudo-science. What you get instead is solid engineering, technical knowledge, and a couple sets of keen ears that have over 30 years combined experience designing loudspeakers. 

Our Mission


We want to provide world class audio solutions to our customers. We're not happy with being second best, so all of our products are designed to have best-in-class performance. That means you will always find things like the XBL^2 motor, distortion reducing shorting rings, cast frames, and other features all designed to give you the best sounding drivers money can buy.

Why CSS?


At CSS, you can rest assured you are always getting a top quality product with low distortion and benifits that matter sonically. We will never sell you snake-oil or what we consider inferior products solely in the name of profit. CSS was born from a DIY passion, just like our customers, and we only want to provide you with products that we would buy ourselves.

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