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Which speaker should I buy?

All our speakers are voiced very similarly tone wise. If you’ve seen a review of one of our speakers, you can expect one of the other models to sound almost identical at low to moderate volumes. However, there are some differences which might lead you toward one model over another. To make it easier to decide, we’ve put together a comparison for to help you make the decision.

X-Series Vs Non-X

Our P215, 1TD, and 2TD use our original LD22 tweeter. The P215-X, 1TD-X, and 2TD-X use our new LD25X tweeter in combination with the same woofer and enclosure. The LD25X tweeter is a step up in terms of distortion performance due to a copper cap on the pole piece and XBL^2 motor topology. This helps the X-series line deliver even more low level detail retrieval and realistic instrument tonality. While the non X-series line is great on it's own, the addition X-series lineup truly is a step up. 





Cabinet size

The P215 is the smallest and slimmest of the speakers and will be easiest to fit into the decor of a small apartment or modern living room. The Criton 2TD is considerably larger than the other two options.

Kit Size.png



A typical question is what size room do the speakers work best in? There are two things to consider when answering this. The first is how loud you listen. The bigger your room and the louder you listen, the bigger the speaker you need. The second is bass extension. Because smaller rooms reinforce bass more than larger rooms, a speaker with less bass extension might be preferred if your room is very small. Alternatively, you could buy any of the models we offer and stuff the port with something like a sock to make the speaker act more like a sealed alignment.

Kit Room Size.png



Bass extension is the same on both Criton models and does not need a subwoofer for music. The P215 does not extend as deep, but will be satisfying enough for most (depending on your room) that a separate subwoofer would not be needed. The higher tuning on the P215 also makes it easier to use in a smaller room.

Kit Bass Extension.png


Output is generally dictated by the amount of cone area you have and the distortion performance of the drivers. . The P215 and Criton 1TD will play to very loud levels in all but the largest of rooms. If you really need high output, the Criton 2TD is the way to go. It can play louder and cleaner than any of our other models and doesn’t break a sweat.

Kit Output.png


Kit Impedance.png

All of our kits have easy to drive impedance loads with low phase angles and no drastic swings. Only very low quality HT amplifiers will likely have any issue with any of our speakers. If your amp can handle a 6 Ohm load, it can drive all three of our speakers. 

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