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CSS SDX10 - 10" XBL^2 Subwoofer

22 mm Klippel verified Xmax
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Product Details

We took the already great SDX10 and made it better. An improved and larger motor structure and additional shorting rings create an extremely broad BL curve with almost 30 mm one way BL excursion capability thanks to the XBL^2 motor design. The new motor added 10 lbs of additional mass to the assembled driver, jumping the weight from 17 lbs to just over 27 lbs. Additionally, the new motor produces minimal changes in Le(x) over the operating bandwidth. Coupled with an improved spider design, the new SDX10 produces 22 mm of excursion capability at 20% distortion subwoofer criteria.

While the SDX10 produces high quality deep bass, it's not completely relegated to subwoofer duty. Thanks to the low inductance motor design, the frequency response has a wide and flat usable bandwidth. This makes the SDX10 suitable as a woofer in a 3-way or even in a 2-way with a waveguide!


  • Paper/carbon fiber blended cone, pressed and surface treated provides inherent internal damping
  • Semi-progressive spider design gives increased linearity
  • Natural butyl rubber surround
  • Shorting rings inside the motor reduce distortion and extend frequency response
  • Cast frame
  • High power, low inductance design XBL^2 motor
  • 60.6mm diameter, 6 layer, voice coil
  • Extremely flat BL curve - almost 30 mm one way BL excursion
  • 750W RMS, 1500W Peak

Note: Due to the XBL^2 design, small signal parameters can show weakened motor force at rest when the voice coil is centered in the gap. Large signal parameters will be more realistic of a subwoofer operating under load.

T/S Parameters Small Signal Large Signal Unit
Re 3.89 3.89
Le 0.57 0.83 mH
Fs 28.31 16.98 Hz
Qes 0.786 0.37
Qms 6.038 1.63
Qts 0.697 0.30
Vas 28.7 84.8 l
Sd 314.16 314.16 cm^2
Bl 12.727 12.727 N/A
Kms 7.23 1.63 N/mm
Cms 0.138 0.61 mm/N
Mms 143.48 143.48 g

Full spec sheet coming soon.

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