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Typhon was designed with a 5 degree tilt of the baffle. This angle helps to physically align the voice coils of the drivers.  Aligning the voice coils allows the use of true second order acoustic crossover slopes, resulting in better power response. 


However, with the design axis set to tweeter height, and the cabinet being almost 4 feet tall with the outriggers, the tweeter position tends to be above listener seating position in most instances which places the listen below the design. Normally, this would result in a suboptimal response at the seated position.


This is solved with a mechanical tilt mechanism that allows adjustments in 1 degree increments over 5 degrees of travel. By adjusting the top cabinet per the layout guide, you can maintain the proper design angle and time alignment, resulting in improved imaging and cohesiveness while preserving the designed tonal balance.

Below Design Axis_edited.jpg
Design Axis_edited.jpg
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