Most Significant Product Introductions

The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound rated the P215 as one of the top 5 speakers under $20K at AXPONA 2018

Solutions for Every LEvel

The pure diy-er

Do you think the best products are the ones you build yourself? Know your way around measurements and crossover design? Looking for world class drivers that compete with anything on the market? We offer raw drivers to build your dream speaker. Each driver is optimized for the best performance at it's price point.

The Hobbyist

Maybe you're not great with crossover design but you can build one hell of a cabinet? If you love high end sound but don't have the background to design from scratch, check out our raw or knockdown kits. We design the crossover and give you cabinet dimensions or raw MDF cut to spec so you can make something beautifully one of a kind.

The Frugal Audiophile

Maybe you're just looking for truly high end sound and a great looking speaker without having to spend tens of thousands on your average, marketing driven audiophile gear. If you don't have the tools or space to build your own cabinets, but still want to experience high end sound, our kits with a custom finished cabinet are for you. Professionally finished and easy to assemble, you'll be in audio nirvana in no time.

Is your sub self-conscious?

at 9" long, 47 lbs, and 28 mm of one-way x-max, the sdx12 gives other subs an inferiority complex

Wondering which speaker is right for you?


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Have a technical question about our prodcuts or a customer service issue? Need advice on how to use them? Want to see us come out with new products? Or maybe you just feel like sharing how awesome you think the CSS drivers are (it's ok, we do too!)? You can reach out to us 24 hours a day with the form below or by emailing us at

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