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Size matters

Size matters, but no one likes a big box in their living room. Smaller, whimpier subs take bigger boxes to reach the kind of output level and deep bass performance of the SDX12.


The massive motor on the SDX12 makes it possible to reach high excursion with ridiculously low distortion. When coupled with a specially designed set of T/S parameters, the SDX12 can fit in a small box and still out perform any sub in its class.


The SDX12 is ideal for small boxes in a sealed configuration or paired with dual APR12 passive radiators.

Cast Frame

Provides rigid support to reduce flexing and lower distortion.

Patented XBL^2 Motor

Low distortion even at the limits of its 28 mm of one way x-max.

Copper Shorting Rings

Lowers inductance rise and further reduces distortion. 

Non-Pressed Paper Cone

Inherently self-damped.

Superior Audio Quality

No other subwoofer comes close.

2-Layer 3" Voicecoil

High power handling and reduced compression.

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